Needle Punch Instructions

Introduction to Needle Punch

You will need
A piece of monks cloth fabric
Embroidery hoop
A Needle punch tool & threader
Yarn, preferably chunky

Draw your chosen design onto the monks cloth then secure the fabric onto the embroidery hoop. Remember you will be working from the back of the fabric so may need to reverse your design.

To thread the yarn into the needle punch first push the threader into the punch from the pointed end. A small section of the wire will be showing at the non-pointed end and you can now thread your yarn through this section. When you pull on the paper tab of the threader the yarn will be drawn up through the punch.

Now thread the end of the yarn through the eye of the punch, leaving a tail of around 4-5 cm. This step is very important and easy to forget!

Twist the punch to change the setting of the height of the loops. Setting A will give a very long loop and setting D a very short one.

Start working on the back of the monks cloth. This is the side where the larger of the two wooden hoops is visible.

Push the needle punch all the way through the monks cloth until the plastic shank of the tool touches the fabric. Then pull it back out but do not lift it off the fabric, slide it along and push through again.

You will always be working in the direction of the open part of the punch. In other words, you’ll be working away from where the yarn comes out of the eye of the punch.

Always ensure that the yarn is free and not caught on anything as the smallest snag will prevent the loop from forming.

Change the setting to change the height of the loop to create texture on your design.

When working on your design it is often easier to create the outline first and then begin filling it in. When changing colour cut the yarn and leave a centimetre or two on the rear of the work. As you continue to work the stitches will fill the fabric and make your loops and any cut ends secure.

If you lose the threader you can use floristry wire with a loop twisted in one end.

You can prevent the cloth from fraying as you work by putting masking tape round the edges before you start to work.