Hand Sewn Easter Decorations

Tues 26th Mar 2024
7.15 – 9.15pm

Spring Grove, Kingston

Join us for a fun evening learning how to sew your own beautiful Easter decorations.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have done some hand sewing before, experienced teacher and professional milliner and accessories designer Bee Smith will guide you through the various steps to making three attractive and unique felt decorations. Either dot them around your house or use them as original gifts for friends and family.

During the class, Bee will demonstrate the various stitches and appliqué techniques, then support you as you stitch the eggs together. Don’t worry if you don’t finish them all in the class, as we’ll give you any materials needed to complete them at home in your own time.

All materials and tools are provided, together with wine, hot drinks or juice. 

The class is also available as a bespoke event, for an alternative social with friends, work colleagues or family! Please mail us on craft@handmadeworkshops.co.uk for more details.

“Fantastic workshop! Good fun, great to learn something new. Lovely and calming after a busy work day.”


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